Our Fleet & Railcar History

Each Budd built railcar in our fleet has a rich and unique history. Learn more about them here.

Stampede Pass - PAXX 800290

Built as dome-coach #558 by the Budd Company in 1954 for the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy for service on the Northern Pacific’s premier train, the Chicago-to-Seattle North Coast Limited, which the Northern Pacific operated in partnership with the CB&Q. It operated throughout the country in Amtrak service from1971-1995 before it was sold into private ownership. The car was briefly leased to the Grand Canyon Railway, where it bore the name Kokopelli. After the expiration of the Grand Canyon Railway lease, it operated in excursion and charter service out of Cincinnati for over a decade under the name Observatory. In the late 1990s, the car was converted from a dome-coach to a dome-sleeper, with the addition of three bedrooms, a galley, and a lounge seating area. Paxrail acquired the car in 2015 and named it Stampede Pass. It features dome seating for 24 passengers, as well as seating in six four-top tables in the dome, 8 booth seats, and 11 leather seats in the cherry paneled long lounge, and a full galley. The car can accommodate four overnight guests as well as one staff member. Under the dome is a public lavatory as well as a crew / storeroom. Rooms B and C feature double size beds. Based in Chicago, Stampede Pass is fully Amtrak certified and is available for charter service nation-wide.

Bozeman Pass - PAXX 557

Sister car to the Stampede Pass, this Budd-built car was one of two CB&Q pool domes built in 1954, and plied its trade first on the Northern Pacific’s North Coast Limited and then later on Amtrak. Bought by a private owner in the mid-1990s, the 557 was part of a large collection of NP cars belonging to the late Mike Gelhaus of Spokane, Washington. Paxrail purchased this car in 2016 after Mike's passing and prepped it for movement east. Now named the Bozeman Pass, it resides at Crossroads Railcar Services pending restoration.

Former Paxrail Cars

Paxrail has proudly helped to preserve a number of other fine railcars. Below are some of our alumni.

Homestake Pass - ex-PAXX 550

A sister car to the Stampede Pass, it was built as dome-coach #550 by the Budd Company in 1954. Owned by the Northern Pacific Railway, it ran on the North Coast Limited until it was acquired by Amtrak in 1971. It was sold into private ownership in 1995 as Amtrak divested itself of its heritage fleet. The car ran on the American Orient Express in the late-1990s and into the 2000s as the American Spirit before being leased to the Alaska Railroad, where it ran from 2005-2007. The car ran in a variety of excursion service from 2007-2014 before being acquired by Paxrail in 2016 and named Homestake Pass. The car features 66 coach seats, 24 of which are dome seats. Homestake Pass now shines the rails at the French Lick Scenic Railway in French Lick, Indiana.

Warriors Rest - ex-PAXX 800644

Built in 1952 for the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Congressional between New York and Washington as the parlor car Henry Hudson. It was acquired by Amtrak in 1971 and converted to a buffet/table car in 1986. After being sold by Amtrak, the car ran in charter service through Mid-America Railcar, wearing the names Henry Hudson and Keystone Grill. Paxrail acquired the car in October 2013 and renamed it Warriors Rest in honor of its former and then-current owners, both retired US military officers. Configured as a buffet-diner, the Warriors Rest featured booth seating for 32 as well as a full length serving buffet, steam table, microwave, freezer, ovens, and extensive refrigeration and storage space. This car now is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is owned by the Friends of Milwaukee 261 .

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