RBBX 41310 / PAXX 1493 / RPCX 1720

Originally built in 1950 as Norfolk and Western Pulaski County, a 10 Roomette – 6 Double Bedroom Sleeper. The car was used for the overnight Pocahontas (Norfolk-Columbus). The car was conveyed sometime in the 1950s to the Pennsylvania Railroad who converted it to a 72 Seat Coach to supplement capacity for the 1964 World’s Fair. After 1971, it was used in the Penn Central and then sold to New Jersey Transit for commuter train service. The car was again sold in 1989 to the Union Railroad Historical Society until it was acquired by Ringling in 1992. Used in the Blue Unit. Purchased by Paxrail in 2017, the housing interior was removed in 2018. Sold in 2019 to the French Lick Scenic Railroad and rebuilt into an ADA-complaint dining car. Delivered to FLSR painted in NP North Coast Limited colors to match the French Lick consist. For current status of this car, visit our friends at frenchlickscenicrailway.org.

History: now RPCX 1720, ex-PAXX 1493 (never applied) Pulaski County, exx-RBBX 41310, exxx-URHS, exxxx-NJT 5402, exxxxx-PC 3235, exxxxxx-PRR 1493, nee-N&W Pulaski County


RBBX 41310 in-transit to Paxrail in July, 2017 near Somerset, KY.