Paxrail RBBX Portfolio

Welcome to the Paxrail Ringling Portfolio- a collection of cars used in daily service with the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus until the circus’s end in May of 2017. Included are two power cars, a variety of dormitory cars, and two 89′ flatcars. Select them in the dropdown menu above. For leasing or purchasing inquiries, please email

RBBX 63008

RBBX 63005

RBBX 41405

RBBX 41403

RBBX 41317

RBBX 41316

RBBX 41313

RBBX 41312

RBBX 41310

RBBX 41308

RBBX 41306

RBBX 41304

RBBX 41303

RBBX 41301